Summer hiking routes

There are 166km marked routes, which go through forests, lawns and small waterfalls near Anzere. In 15 century were build irrigation canals, which exist till today. Now there are flowing along several walking routes. You can go 11,5 km for like 3 hours through the route “Bisse de Ayent”. Another route is called “Bisse de Sion” and you can see how several water streams are crossing each other. 4 hours and 15km devide you from the goal! Other routes go through the old water roads around the resort. Anzere gives you the opportunity to rent a mountain guide or to take place in an organized mountain hiking.

Other routes:

„Petoli Tour”:  a tour around the Anzer, which lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

„Pas-de-Maimbré” (2362 м): a mountain route, starting from “La Brune” or optionally from Duez; it last 2 hours and 30 minutes. In the beginning of  July is likely to see a blanket of snow.

Lake Tseuzier (1772 m)

An tour in the Alps (2052m): walking through the lawn for like 5 hours.

Sion: walking around Sion and the villages nearby; it lasts 4 hours. On the road from Sion to Anzer you travel by bus.

All the routes are well marked. Those in yellow are not dangerous, if you have an appropriate equipment. The routes in red and white require a special equipment and training. In adittion, you must choose appropriate weather conditions.