Welcome in the charm of Anzere!

Anzere… it means to run away from the daily round. And that’s exactly what you feel, when you arrive here. Situated in the valleyof Rhone, Anzere offers a view to the majestic Alps. 12 peaks over 4000m are surrounding the resort and the view reaches to the bigMont Blanc. Down in the valley is extending a huge wine region,which offers over 40 different sorts of wine.

Anzere gives a piece of itself to everyone, who has gets a touch with its pure nature. You will be welcomed with open arms of the magic called Anzere!

Come to Anzere to escape the boredom and of course to enjoy the fresh air and to dream away!

Anzere is an Alpine resort, located 15km far away from Sion – one of the most beautiful Swiss cantons Wallis. Despite its 1500m above the sea level, Anzere enjoys mediterranean microclimate and warm sun. The resort offers to its guests winter and summer activities as well. Between December and April the guests of Anzere can practice skiing, snowboard, sledge, ice-skating. The space from May till October is appropriate to walking, hiking, mountain cycling, horse riding, golf, tennis, paragliding, fishing and etc.

Among the many hotels and chalets, which are surrounding Anzere, hotel “Des Masques” makes an impression - lit up by the sun and with splendid view to the Alps. Nearby are located several restaurants, bars, coffee-houses, shops, playgrounds and etc.